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Insight of the Week: Targeting the Hopeless Romantics

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, it is estimated that 6% of the adult population in the Republic of Ireland (over 200,000 people) are expecting to get engaged or married soon.

Data from Kantar Media’s latest TGI consumer study of Irish adults reveals the potential value of those who anticipate wedding bells or at least an engagement in in the next 12 months.

You would expect this group to tend somewhat towards the younger end of the age spectrum and they are especially likely to be found in the 25-34 age bracket – over twice as likely as the average adult. Indeed, almost 40% of those expecting marriage or engagement are in this age range.

Those hoping to tie the knot are also far more likely than the average adult to anticipate a range of other huge life events in the coming months, for which they would likely be in the market for a variety of relevant products and services. For example they are especially likely to expect the birth of their first child, to buy a house or flat and to change job.

Our nuptials-expectant target market are particularly likely to agree with a range of attitudes compared to the average adult. They show a keen sense of ambition, with TGI data revealing they are 61% more likely to say they would like to set up their own business one day, two-thirds more likely to say they like to have control over people and resources and 41% more likely to view the work they do as a career rather than just a job.

Marketers will note they are in many ways not averse to spending money, being for example 56% more likely to agree ‘I spend a lot of money on toiletries and cosmetics for personal use’. They are also susceptible to word of mouth, being 47% more likely to find that they are easily swayed by other people’s views.

Their attitudes also reflect a real engagement with all sorts of advertising and media. TGI data shows that they are almost three times more likely to tend to buy products from companies who sponsor radio programmes, twice as likely to acknowledge that celebrities influence their purchase decisions and 63% more likely to agree that advertising within video or computer gameplay enhances the realism of the game.

These romantics are also 62% more likely than the average adult to be amongst the heaviest fifth of readers of magazines and 53% more likely to be amongst the heaviest fifth of consumers of cinema. Suitably, romantic comedies are a particular movie favourite with this group – they are over twice as likely to cite this genre as their favourite. When it comes to magazines, the topics that they are particularly interested in include baby & childcare (two and a half times more likely), bridal/wedding themes (over twice as likely) and theatre/performing arts (over twice as likely).

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