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Media First for VW With Targeted AXP Campaign

In a media first, Volkswagen extended the reach of its recent cinema campaign with highly-targeted video-on-demand. Using Wide Eye Media’s latest product offering, AXP (Audience Xtension Pack), Volkswagen’s on-screen ad was programmatically targeted online at 25-44 year olds who showed interest in entertainment, cars and specific movies with which the ad was playing in cinemas.

The VOD campaign specifically targets search terms related to the movies before which the cinema ad is being shown. It works on a richer brief as it targets pools related to the cinema campaign.

According to Simone Parfrey, account director with PHD: “At a time when AV continues to evolve, PHD and Volkswagen were delighted to partner with Wide Eye Media to drive the incremental reach of our cinema campaign through their AXP offering.”

“Wide Eye Media continues to innovate, offering cross-platform advertising through on-screen, in-cinema activations, Wide Eye Outdoor innovations and now our exclusive Audience Xtension Pack,” adds Eoin Wrixon, CEO of Wide Eye Media.

“While cinema delivers the best impact of all media, the AXP delivers VOD which extends the reach and increases the frequency of the cinema ad being seen,” he says.

The AXP extends reach to users who fall into the “Movie Lovers & Cinema Enthusiasts” bracket. The campaign accurately pinpoints associated VOD deliveries against advertisers’ chosen Wide Eye media buying routes, utilizing an exclusive congregation of 3rd party data partners, therefore helping to hone in on an audience who will engage with the brand and campaign.

Combining Wide Eye Media’s Half Cap package with the AXP delivered in excess of 1.2 million combined admissions and impressions, according to Wrixon. The ad was seen before movies such as Alien Covenant, Guardians of the Galaxy, Fast & Furious 8, La La Land, Baywatch, Moonlight and Wonder Woman. The online element targeted “Auto Enthusiasts and Movie Enthusiasts.”

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