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Digital OOH Adds Both Value and Recall

Dominic Murray Group Creative Director at Kinetic Active; John Davis founder of Because Ireland; Steven Flynn, CEO of Skytango; Ivan O’Connor, Head of IoT at Action Point; Simon Cocking, Senior Editor Irish Tech News

New research carried out by Millward Brown using facial recognition software shows that digital out-of-home advertising increases brand recall.

In a study measuring 18 different ads across both static and digital formats in different environments, results showed an 8% increase in recall of digital out of home formats. The research demonstrated that static OOH formats are particularly effective for delivering brand awareness. It also revealed that Digital OOH brings additional reach to multi-format campaigns.

The research, which was conducted by Kantar Millward Brown on behalf of Kinetic, was revealed this week.

In addition to using traditional research methods to measure Out of Home and Digital OOH effectiveness, Kinetic worked with Affectiva at M.I.T Boston’s Media Lab to conduct detailed research using facial coding to gauge the interaction of audiences with digital OOH advertisements. The bespoke research measured the effectiveness of digital OOH across retail and rail environments, resulting in industry leading research that will impact on future OOH planning in Ireland.

The research results highlighted in particular, the additional reach that digital OOH can bring to multi-format campaigns, the effectiveness of digital OOH, and its ability to engage with consumers:

  • Digital and Static OOH deliver different messages and impact on different target groups in a multiformat campaign.
  • Digital OOH delivers higher recall and increases reach.
  • Digital OOH is effective at reaching all demographics, it is not specific to one group.
  • Humour, when used in DOOH, helps to deliver engagement with audiences, appeal and propensity to buy.

Other media innovations that were discussed at the ‘Moving Minds’ conference included the use of drone technology in OOH, the use of eye-tracking technology on digital advertising screens to track age, gender and moods of passers-by, what programmatic OOH might look like, the next steps for Augmented Reality, and how brands can use Virtual Reality as part of an integrated campaign.

According to Simon Durham, CEO of Kinetic Ireland: “Since the breakthrough of digital into the OOH market, it has been challenging to quantify its value and impact as part of a wider OOH campaign. As a leading media agency, it is key that we have this knowledge to inform our planning and buying processes. The research findings from Kantar Millward Brown and Affectiva will be used by Kinetic and incorporated into future planning for brands running a multi-format OOH campaign. Our ‘Moving Minds’ event highlights how the OOH industry is moving to adopt new technologies to work in tandem with traditional OOH formats. Today’s event provides an insight to the versatility of the OOH market and how it is equipped to deal with any requirements from brands. We are proud that Kinetic is at the forefront of this here in Ireland.”

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