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Insight of the Week: Targeting the TV Purchasers

TGI Insight of the WeekWhen it comes to technology and electronic equipment in the home, one of the biggest costs we make is on a TV set. TV sets aren’t generally bought with great frequency, so it is particularly important to be able to identify who those adults are who are seeking to make such a purchase in the coming months.

Latest data from TGI’s study of consumer behaviour in the Republic of Ireland reveals that 18% of adults here intend to buy a TV in the next 12 months, compared to 8% in Northern Ireland and 21% in Great Britain.

What makes this group in the Republic of Ireland particularly valuable is that they are 45% more likely than the average adult to have spent €750 or more on the main TV set they already have at home.

Around half of these adults in the market for a new TV aren’t yet sure what type of set they will select, but for the rest there is a fairly even split between an LCD (17%), plasma (13%) and LED (19%). For 49% of these TV buyers it is important the new TV is internet enabled – up from 34% three years ago.

Certain groups are especially likely to be in the market for a new TV according to our TGI Lifestage classification. This shows that ‘Playschool Parents’ (live with son/daughter and youngest child aged 0-4) are 41% more likely to be looking for a new set, ‘Independent Individuals’ (aged15-34, not married/living as couple, do not live with relations) 31% more likely and Unconstrained Couples (aged 35-54, married or living as a couple, do not live with relations) 28% more likely.

Those looking to buy a new TV are particularly susceptible to responding to certain communications. They are almost twice as likely as the average adult to tend to buy products from companies who sponsor TV programmes, 73% more likely to agree that pop up ads help them to find interesting things on the internet and 60% more likely to look forwards to the adverts before a film at the cinema.

Appearance is of particular importance to this group and they will happily spend money. For example, TGI reveals that they are 44% more likely to say they spend money without thinking and 36% more likely to believe that a ‘designer’ label improves a person’s image.

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