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Independent.ie Performs Well Amongst Millennials

indoIndependent.ie now has the highest reach and engagement amongst 15 to 34 year olds in Ireland according to the publisher.

According to data released for September 2015 by ComScore, Independent.ie had 175,000 unique visitors aged 18 to 34 years old and a 14.5% reach making it the number 1 site in Ireland for the millennial audience.

According to Lia Bresnihan, head of online marketing at Independent News & Media; “These latest results clearly demonstrate that Independent.ie is the leading online news destination for millennials, in terms of reach and engagement.  We are also thrilled to see that we have an exclusive audience with 242,000 visitors only visiting independent.ie and not our competitor sites.  This provides us with great strength in the advertising market.”

The report ranks Independent.ie ahead of the Irishtimes.com which had 168,000 unique visits, TheJournal.ie with 126,000, Joe.ie with 106,000, Femail.co.uk with 54,000 and Her.ie with 43,000 unique visitors between 15 – 34 years.

15-34 year olds show high repeat visitation to the Independent.ie and also spend a substantial amount of time on the site when they arrive. This audience visited Independent.ie 1.6m times in September 2015; over 400k more than its nearest competitor. They also spent an average of 27 minutes on the site over the month, contributing 43% of their time to independent.ie.

Independent.ie exhibits a very unique audience in the market that can only be found on its site. The total reach of independent.ie and its key competitors in the Irish market is 45.2%, however this decreases to 36.8% when you remove independent.ie illustrating the exclusive audience of over 240,000 that cannot be found elsewhere.

Independent.ie also leads on mobile with the highest amount of unique visits for both smartphone and tablet. Across independent.ie there were 1,493,000 unique visits from a mobile device in September 2015, 365,000 more than its nearest competitor on mobile Irishtimes.com. Similarly on tablet independent.ie has the highest visits with 259,000 unique visits.

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