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Insight of the Week: Political Aficionados

politics-300x200With political campaigns in full swing in the UK and a General Election in Ireland due within the next eight months, it seems that politics and public affairs seem to be on everyone’s radar as of late. The latest Kantar Media TGI Ireland study reveals the habits and behaviour of the 62% of Irish adults who have talked about public affairs or politics in the past year.

Using data from TGI’s Word of Mouth measures, the findings show Irish adults are not just politically engaged, but also influence other people with their views.  Some 32% of this group say they have talked to lots of different people about politics and public affairs. Of those who have talked about these topics in the past year, they are 45% more likely than the average Irish adult to believe they can convince others with their views about politics and public affairs.

For marketers looking to engage this politically savvy group, radio and newspapers represent a good fit. Indeed 70% of this group listen to the radio every day, while 50% read a newspaper daily.

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