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PML Launches New OOH Planning Tool

The OOH media specialist PML Group has launched a new planning tool that indicates the effective frequency for out of home media campaigns.

Called “Select”, PML says the product is the end result of  careful collaboration with advertising and media agencies across the Island of Ireland. “Select incorporates key factors of both the brief and the brand.   Based on the principles of established media frequency models from across the wider media industry, Select gives a weighted ranking to several factors regarding media, message, creative, brand establishment and environment,” says PML.

The result is a calculated level of frequency needed to create effective and efficient out of home media campaigns for clients.

“The survey was essentially a way to get expert advice on planning effective/optimum frequency levels on ooh. Our objective was to work closely with our clients and other partners across the Island of Ireland to establish optimum frequency levels for different ooh formats and environments and incorporate these into the planning process. We are pleased that we have garnered a huge amount of very valuable recommendations based on our clients’ opinions and experience,” says Jimmy Cashen, managing director of PML Group.

According to Cashen, marketing, creative and media factors are ranked based on specific campaign criteria. The information is incorporated to establish an ooh frequency model to indicate best benchmark ranges in terms of coverage and frequency for multi and single format campaigns.

Darren Jackson, director of PML Group Northern Ireland, adds that that the calculated level is different for each campaign; “For example a lower frequency is generally applied for retail formats, where the impulse of ‘here and now’ is more of an influencing factor on consumers, than for roadside campaigns that want to target audiences to absorb the message and the brand. Frequency is critical to recall,” he says.”

The launch follows 18 months of rigorous testing and benchmarking with over 1,000 campaigns measured for recall through PML Group’s propriety Poster Impact research service along with JNOR – the ooh industry’s audience measurement currency.

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