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Heineken Seeks Irish Legends in New Campaign

Heineken has launched its new global TV ad campaign with a competition urging talented Irish fans to enter a talent competition with a twist.

The new campaign, which is called The Odyssey celebrates the premise that “everyone is legendary at something”.  Conor McIntyre, Brand Manager – Communications at Heineken says “Odyssey celebrates Heineken’s belief that everyone is legendary at something. Through this innovative campaign, we want to encourage the nation to step out of their comfort zones and reveal their hidden skills. Ireland has produced some of the world’s greatest talents but our focus is not so much on the traditional talents. As a brand that is consistently pushing the boundaries, we are looking for a talent with a twist, something out of the ordinary. From origami to limbo and everything in between, we want to ensure that everyone is given the chance to step up, take the stage and be given the chance to be legendary at something.”

According to McIntyre, aspiring applicants can take the stage from now until March 31st and upload their legendary talents via www.heineken.ie/irishlegend. The ultimate “legend” who triumphs in the end will win a trip to stay on their very own private paradise island in Belize.

The Odyssey is the sixth in Heineken’s Legends series. The ad, which was created by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, follows the main character’s adventures aboard a cruise ship as he uses his wit, charm and talents to impress his fellow passengers. Covering everything from a limbo contest to dancing the perfect conga, this campaign gives everyone a stage on which they can perform their talents The TVC was directed by executive creative directors Mark Bernath and Eric Quennoy, and filmed in Barcelona, Spain. Each of the men used in the TVC has a skill that makes him legendary in his own right and they are all real ‘men of the world’ according to Heineken.

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