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Out \ Look: Liveposter Delivers Precision DOOH for Rockshore

Aaron Poole, marketing executive, PML Group with this week’s Out \ Look on Out of Home

Diageo continue to be to the fore when it comes to Dynamic OOH advertising in the OOH market. Recently we reported on Guinness Storehouse’s latest Dynamic offering featuring proximity and weather triggering. This week, we share Rockshore’s Cider campaign featuring location-specific creative.

Brought to life by PHD and Source out of home, the campaign’s dynamic elements accompany OOH across large roadside formats. Displaying across Digital 6s, the creative uses location data to display contextual messaging to consumers in locations across Dublin, Kerry, Louth, Sligo and Westmeath.

The campaign uses PML Group’s Liveposter Precision platform to manage the content form one central source. The Moments of Truth research published by Posterscope, JCDecaux and Clear Channel showed double digit percentage improvements in brain response, recall and sales for campaigns that used contextually relevant digital OOH messages.

Summer is an ideal period to target the mass movement of audience around the country with scalable digital innovation. Outdoor is a medium well-suited and capable for contextual messaging. Dynamic capabilities to update Digital Out of Home panels in real time via Liveposter allow for hyper-contextual creative, while MAPS – our inventory and audience visualisation tool platform – can assist with strategic placement on high-impact poster and digital sites.

Our Media Impact Study found 7 out of 10 Dubliners agree that local, contextual advertising helps brands form a tangible connection with its consumer, while 60% agreed such advertising creates a positive impression of the brand for them.

Brands Make a ‘Swift’ Turn as Eras Tour lands in Dublin

Outdoor advertising is inherently a location-based medium, but its agility allows for hyper-relevant content tied to specific times and events across the country. As Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated Eras Tour lands at the Aviva Stadium this week, several brands are leveraging this opportunity by tailoring their OOH campaigns to resonate with Swifties as they arrive in the capital.

Frank and Honest

Musgrave Group’s coffee brand, Frank and Honest, is making a splash with an extensive OOH campaign across 6 Sheets, Commuter Squares, Metropoles, Digipoles, and Digital 6s. Planned by Starcom and Source OOH, the campaign features the tagline, “A swift and tasty pit stop. Thanks be to Frank.” The creative depicts an arm extended outward holding an iced coffee adorned with friendship bracelets, nodding to the popular trend among Swifties of swapping bracelets before shows.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is also joining the celebration with event-based copy displayed across Commuter Squares, Metropoles, 48 Sheets, and 6 Sheets. Planned by PML and OMD, the campaign’s tagline, “One for the Swifties,” replaces the usual contextual copy reserved for location callouts. This weekend will mark Virgin Media’s second event-based campaign this cycle running in tandem with their standard broadband campaign, with the brand’s “Let’s Get the Party Started” copy running for the duration of punk-pop artist Pink’s Aviva Stadium residency last week.

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

Most attention-grabbing is EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum’s latest campaign, running across Digivans and Banners. This OOH initiative, part of a broader strategy, highlights Taylor Swift’s Irish heritage. Planned by PML and Digital Impact Marketing, the campaign has garnered significant mainstream attention over the past week by revealing details of Swift’s ancestry, linking her to Castleisland, Co. Kerry. The campaign explores the emigration stories of her ancestors who left Ireland during the 19th century, adding a unique dimension to Swift’s Dublin performances. These advertisements will be displayed in proximity to the Aviva Stadium throughout the weekend.


‘When the show stops, the magic continues’ – a consoling message for Swifties who’ll be going through the post-concert blues after the weekend has ended. Disney+ is the only place fans will find ‘The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version’) following its spell at the box office last year. Planned by Zenith and Source out of home, the campaign is availing of added context this week across large format commuter/roadside digital and mall environments. Digivans will also display animated copy in proximity to the stadium over the course of the weekend as the concerts get underway.

Sol de Janeiro

One of the most coveted beauty brands among cosmetic consumers in recent times, Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian product line has made a vibrant entrance into Dublin via OOH this cycle. Planned by Carat and PML, the campaign runs across multiple OOH formats this cycle targeting its core audience. In the same vein, the brand will also deploy Digibikes displaying portable Digital 6s around the Aviva Stadium this weekend where footfall and attention is high.

 Maximizing Impact through Mood-Targeted Advertising

As Richard Shotton recently advocated, brands should aim not just to target an audience, but to target their mood. When people feel positive, they are more receptive to advertising. This principle aligns perfectly with the strategic use of Digital OOH and Dynamic Digital OOH, which are ideal platforms for brands to inform, remind, and drive direct response on the day of the event.

These creative OOH campaigns not only celebrate Taylor Swift’s presence in Dublin but also demonstrate the ability of brands to connect with audiences through timely and relevant messaging. As Swifties flock to the city for the Eras Tour, these campaigns provide memorable touchpoints that resonate with both the excitement of the event and the cultural significance of Swift’s heritage.

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