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New Research Highlights the Power of Audio Advertising

Radiocentre Ireland, in partnership with research company Colourtext, has published a new research study that is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of Irish audio advertising and provide Irish advertisers and agencies with deeper insights into how their audio campaigns perform.

CampaignFX represents one of the largest combined analyses of audio advertising effectiveness ever undertaken in Ireland. It comprises of 3,750 individual interviews on 31 brands within Ireland across 5 key product categories.  

The meta-analysis demonstrates how audio advertising creates future demand for advertisers by generating a 26% uplift in ad awareness, which makes consumers more familiar with a brand. Radio advertising improves brand likeability by a factor of almost 9, and boosts brand trust by 72%.

The data also shows that radio advertising generates a 33% uplift in Brand Consideration, effectively moving consumers from awareness to purchase. The research also found that radio advertising leads to a 45% increase in online brand searches, and a 55% uplift in brand purchase intent. Ciarán Cunningham, CEO of Radiocentre Ireland said “This is a very significant piece of research work and the results show, in a very compelling way, the role audio plays in driving business results for advertisers”.

To find our more and watch the webinar in full, please click here RadioCentre Ireland

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