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Core Asks What’s the Story in New Campaign for Dublin City Libraries

Core has rolled out a new campaign for Dublin City Libraries to showcase its ebook and audiobook offering that is available to Dubliners via its BorrowBox platform.

To encourage Dubliners to download the app, Core created a vibrant and immersive QR code, made up of 100 different stories available on the platform, to pique people’s curiosity. The QR code will be accessible at a range of different locations around Dublin during the summer. Users who download the app will also be encouraged to guess the 100 stories used in the campaign.

According to Ciaran Moran, Illustrator of the 100 books: “This was a thoroughly enjoyable but technically complex project to work on. It was one thing identifying 100 books, it was another thing condensing the book title into a single image that would then make a workable piece of code.”


Advertiser: Dublin City Libraries

Campaign title: The Story Starts Here

Creative Director/Art Director: Helena Jones

Art Director/Illustrator: Ciaran Moran

Business Director: Jo Mullins

Senior Producer: Anita McMenamin

Senior Visual Effects Artist: Eoghan Reidy

Head of In House Studio: Noel Byrne

Managing Director: Dave Griffin

Interactive game built by Reuben Digital

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