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Opinion: Get Ready to Sleigh the Season With OOH

With Christmas just around the corner and consumer behavior poised for a seasonal change as we count down the days, advertisers will be turning to out-of-home (OOH) to target consumers, writes Caroline DeCourcy.

The onset of Winter ushers in not just a change in weather, but a profound shift in consumer behaviour. As the holiday season approaches people begin to immerse themselves in the spirit of Christmas, whether that be enjoying days out at Christmas markets, or shopping for gifts, one thing is clear – they all involve being OUTSIDE!

As we delve into the holiday shopping season and peel back the layers of consumer behaviour, we discover a wide spectrum of shoppers. About 32% of consumers belong to the super-organised category, diving into their list before the leaves even begin to change.

November stands out as the peak shopping month, with 34% of consumers commencing their gift-hunting journey just as Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach. Meanwhile, roughly 13% take a more relaxed approach, not beginning their shopping until December. Finally, a small but devoted group, accounting for just 5% of shoppers, relish the excitement of last-minute purchases during the week leading up to Christmas.

Hybrid Shopping Journey

However, given that 39% of Irish consumers acknowledge their intent to shop both online and in-store for Christmas gifts, it becomes imperative to reach these hybrid shoppers across both environments. Valuable insights from Movia Media and Nielsen highlight that leveraging OOH alongside digital channels can significantly enhance effectiveness, translating to +31% boost for online advertising, +56% surge for paid social and an impressive +80% uptick for search-based initiatives. Moreover, considering the increased time spent outdoors during this season, integrating OOH with TV can significantly expand your reach. In fact, according to BARB Media planner, comparing a TV-only campaign to a combined TV and OOH campaign demonstrated a +26% overall reach when using both mediums in tandem.

Timing is Everything

Once your plan and strategies are in place, it’s essential to carefully consider timing. With audiences thinking of Black Friday and Christmas purchases throughout the festive buildup. Approximately 21% start thinking about their purchases 1-2 months in advance, while 23% begin their planning three to four weeks ahead. Another 24% initiate their shopping journey one to two weeks prior, with 17% diving into their shopping lists the week of. A smaller but significant 7% opt for the day-of approach.

But the ideal timing can vary depending on your product. Recent insights from Talon have proved that fast-food items and alcohol, often indulged in during the festive season, tend to have the shortest purchasing journey. Remarkably 7 in 10 individuals purchase fast-food within one day of exposure to an OOH ad.

6 Steps to Succeed

So, with savvy spending becoming the norm, coupled with the emergence of the hybrid consumer, how do we ensure we drive action through OOH this festive season?

Be at the Moment of Truth: Consumers feel that adverts in proximity to store are more noticeable than adverts in other locations, which influences consumer action. By strategically placing ads in high-traffic areas during the festive period, brands can effectively engage consumers and drive meaningful action.

Lean into Context With Dynamic: Even more crucial during the holiday season – allowing brands to create emotional connections with their audience. A 2020 study called “The Moment of Truth” showed that using dynamic OOH in your campaign can lead to an +18% increase in cognitive response, a +16% boost in in-store sales, and a remarkable +32% recall when delivering the right content at the right moment.

Reach More of Your Audiences With OOH : Utilising audience-first planning to optimise your OOH campaign, can improve brand awareness and increase purchase intent. Audience-led planning can be prescriptive in reaching a brands desired audience. Our mapping system can tailor audiences as narrow or broad as your brand requires.

Own Key Consumption Opportunities with Programmatic: Talon insights show that leveraging PrOOH can yield significant benefits for brand impact, particularly in terms of consideration and purchase intent metrics. By owning key consumption opportunities through programmatic strategies, brands can experience a twofold increase in purchase consideration, a 15% increase in relevance to target audience’s lifestyle, and a threefold boost in purchase intent.

Shoppable OOH: In recent years, there has been significant uptick in the adoption of QR codes in OOH. These codes are playing a pivotal role in connecting the online and offline realms. Offering convenient access to holiday promotions, discounts and even event details. This in turn, enriches the overall holiday shopping experience for consumers.

Amplify With Creativity to Increase Attention: But let’s not forget, OOH’s main role is to drive messages to the masses. There’s no better way to capture this attention then to infuse your campaigns with creativity. Think beyond traditional OOH boundaries and consider engaging visuals and unique concepts that will make your ad stand out. Ultimately, creativity is the key to leaving a lasting impact on your target audience.

Winter provides the perfect backdrop for brands to seize the opportunity, and OOH is the perfect brush to paint memorable and effective campaigns. We’ve explored the transformation in consumer behaviour that accompanies winter, along with the nuances of shopping patterns this festive season, right down to the timing of your message. Armed with these insights alongside our 6 steps to succeed it’s time to put this knowledge into action and sleigh the season with OOH.

As always, your Talon team are on hand if you have any queries or need advice when planning!

Caroline DeCourcy is Insights Director, Talon in Ireland

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