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Lucky Beard Seeks Happy Lawyers in New Campaign for Johnson Hana

The Dublin-based creative consultancy Lucky Beard has created a new cross-platform campaign for Johnson Hana, Ireland’s first alternative legal solutions provider.

The campaign which is running across outdoor, digital, radio and video is targeted at legal professionals and highlights Johnson Hana’s “commitment to change how the legal world works.”

Johnson Hana specialises in legal process work as opposed to legal advice. This allows the business to reduce client legal spend by over 50% while improving both the quality of output and transparency of the process. Johnson Hana is liberating busy law departments from process heavy work and by doing so is helping legal professionals ‘find their happy’!

“Johnson Hana is an awesome client and on a mission to positively disrupt the legal industry by providing tech, talent and delivery systems that free up legal professionals. Our collaboration aims to spotlight this transformative journey, inviting lawyers to ‘find their happy’. Keep your eyes on Johnson Hana; they are truly redefining how businesses approach legal services,” says Elaine Devereux, MD of Lucky Beard.

According to Caroline Kelly, VP of marketing, Johnson Hana:“I had not worked with Lucky Beard before this campaign and I have been blown away! They are the most creative and energetic bunch of individuals and I love that what you see is what you get. You are dealing with people who have years of experience but who are still excited about the work and are really willing to go the extra mile for their client. They really got us and got the brief and executed excellently”.


Client: Johnson Hana
Agency: Lucky Beard
MD: Elaine Devereux
Chief Design Officer/Creative Lead: James Nelson
Content Producer: Darren Kerr
Creative Strategist: James Dunne/Hyphen

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