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New Toyota Campaign from Javelin Urges Drivers to Switch From Diesel to Hybrid

Javelin has rolled out a new vibrant and animated campaign for Toyota Ireland that encourages Irish motorists to “Make the Move” from diesel to one of Toyota’s hybrid electric cars.

The campaign is running across TV, social, radio, digital and direct mail.

Toyota ceased all production of diesel cars in 2018 and still remains the only mainstream car brand to do so.

Data shows that there are 1.4m diesel cars on the roads in Ireland today while 1 in 4 new cars sold are diesel. Research shows that drivers do want to be more sustainable in their driving choices whilst remaining unsure and anxious about their options.

“We’re all on the road to an electric future. As part of this journey, Toyota’s Hybrid Electric range allows Irish drivers to literally ‘make a move’ to electrified driving without any range concerns or infrastructural worries,” says Zoë Bradley, head of marketing, communications and corporate affairs, Toyota Ireland.

“From an emissions point of view, choosing a new Toyota Hybrid Electric Car versus a new Diesel reduces your harmful Nox emissions by 90% and significantly reduces Co2 emissions also.”

The new campaign represents a significant departure from traditional advertising formats and themes from other car manufacturers.

“We always seek for our Toyota creative work to be distinctive in our category and ‘making a move’ is just that, it is based on clear insights derived from data, is positive & bright in tone, with a promise of benefit in our messaging and we have showcased our ‘cast’ of Toyota drivers in a unique way,” says Bradley.

“We are reinforcing that we are Ireland’s most trusted, reputable and best-selling car brand, designed always for the many and not the few. Our Brand Platform ‘Built for a Better World’ cements and informs our creative work,” she says.

According to Adrian Cosgrove and Cathal O Flaherty, creative directors, Javelin: “The creative idea was constructed from the outset to get attention and was designed to work across all Digital film formats just as effectively and strikingly as it does on TV. An uplifting earworm of a track that doubles as a call to action along with fun animation by Might Nice makes for a punchy and distinctively different campaign for the category. Most importantly, it showcases and amplifies Toyota’s appeal and popularity amongst all car buyers across Ireland.”


Client: Toyota Ireland
Head of Marketing Communications and Corporate Affairs Toyota Ireland: Zoë Bradley
Marketing Communications Manager: Lauren Hennessy
Marketing Executive: Neil Matthews
Agency: Javelin
Strategic Planning: Yusuf Karimjee
Client Relationship team: Kyla O’ Kelly, Aisling Harca, Keifa Murray, Ava Gallagher
Agency Producer: Evonne O’Rourke
Creative Directors: Cathal O Flaherty & Adrian Cosgrove
Creative Team: Martin Watts, Ben Razey and Gai Griffin
Media & Digital: Ian Nunoo, Aoife Hofler, Roisin Shaw, Maxine Hands
PR: Graeme Slattery, Kelly Horn & Kotryna Cikanaviciute (Teneo)
Animation: Mighty Nice Sydney
Director Darren Price:
Producer: Tina Braham
Live production & Post: Antidote Films Dublin
Director Alan Masferrer
Producer: Andrew Freedman
Music: ‘Makin a Move written and performed by ’Lady Bri, Licensed by Theodore Music London
Sound: Dean Jones, Scimitar Sound & Noel Storey, Beacon Studios

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