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Ciarán Fogarty Wins 2023 TU Dublin Breakthrough Scholarship Award

Pictured: Kieran O’Donovan, head of client service, Thinkhouse, Mahmoud Elzaki, Residence Manger, Yugo Ardcairn, Ciarán Fogarty, 2023 Recipient of The Breakthrough Scholarship and Dr. Etain Kidney, Head of School of Marketing, TU Dublin

The winner of the Breakthrough Scholar 2023, which is run in association with Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin), Yugo and Thinkhouse, is Ciarán Fogarty who recently completed a Higher Certificate in Marketing and a BSc Marketing from the College of Business at TU Dublin. Valued at €28,000, the scholarship includes funding for a for a full-time Masters in Digital Marketing & Content Creation at TU Dublin, a comprehensive and immersive paid-for experience with marketing agency, THINKHOUSE for the academic year and paid-for student accommodation in central Dublin with Yugo for the entire academic year.

“Without this scholarship I don’t think I would have been able to continue my education and go on to do a masters which was always my dream, so to take that on at TU Dublin will be amazing. Being able to live close to college in the Yugo accommodation will make a massive difference to my quality of life. I’m used to a long daily commute so living near college will give me an amazing student experience. I also look forward to gaining experience in Thinkhouse, a leading marketing agency whose work I’ve long admired. I’m so excited to be given this opportunity and I can’t wait to get started,” says Fogarty.

“The Breakthrough Scholarship has removed the financial and social barriers that often stifle young careers, empowering another remarkable student to break into the industry.  We’re proud to provide this opportunity for a third year and remain steadfast in our commitment to diversity. This further supports our strong history as home to a diverse student-population and as a beacon for inclusivity in education,” says Dr Etain Kidney, head of the school of marketing and entrepreneurship, TU Dublin.

“As a marketing company, we’re proud of our heritage in being an advocate and voice for young people and their values,” adds Kieran O’Donovan, head of client service, Thinkhouse. “ Diversity is important to us in Thinkhouse – both in our agency and in our industry. This scholarship is one tangible way Thinkhouse is fuelling this diversity and combating the inequality in education, through action and real support. The most wonderful part of the scholarship is that we get to experience and work with these amazing students first hand and witness and be a partner in their personal and professional growth and development. Being an advocate for equality and diversity also enables us to deliver on our mission to be a business for good.”

As most students will agree, securing accommodation is of vital importance. According to Mahmoud Elzaki, residence manager, Ardcairn Yugo Student Residences: “Having easy access to classes, a space to study and a place you feel safe is a vital ingredient for a successful college career.  As a global organisation equality, diversity, and inclusion is central to our approach in all we do, so we are proud, once again, to be able to support this important, life-changing initiative with TU Dublin and Thinkhouse.”

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