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RED C Marks 20th Anniversary with a Look at What the Next 20 Years Might Have in Store

Richard Colwell, Janna Howard, Patricia Byrne, Michelle Lowry, Sinead Mooney, Ciara Reilly, Elizabeth Hughes, Emer O’Carroll and Niall Callan, all have been with RED C for over 17 years.

The Dublin-based market research and consultancy business RED C celebrated its 20th birthday this week. Founded by Richard Colwell and Sinead Mooney in 2003, the company has grown from strength to strength to become one of Ireland’s largest research-based consultancies and is now part of the Business Post Group.

“RED C has witnessed and monitored the nations sentiment throughout this time helping people, brands, organisations and governments to grow and improve, by better understanding human behaviour and choices,” says Sinead Mooney, managing director.

“Through the Celtic Tiger and the subsequent recession, several elections and a pandemic, RED C stand for reputable research and continue to pioneer in market research, layering in emotional connections and how these influence behaviour and choices,” she says.

“There was 20 years ago, and continues to be, a need for the independent voice of people to be represented.  RED C do so by ensuring the highest of standards and reporting in an unbiased way.  We are fortunate in Ireland to have a nation who are willing to share their opinions openly and honestly, a society which welcome independent and high-quality research and businesses and media who use data in a professional and trusted manner,” Mooney adds.

“The success of RED C over the past 20 years is in no small part due to a fantastic, innovative team but also our loyal clients many of whom have worked with us for the past 20 years.  We continually look forward to the what the next 20 years will bring and to that end we posed a question on our most recent RED Line online omnibus on what people thought is likely or unlikely to happen by 2043,” she says.

Founding partners Richard Colwell and Sinead Mooney with Michelle Lowry who joined the company shortly after RED C opened its doors

Of the list posed to respondents, two events mentioned were considered most likely to happen, 75% of respondents reckoned that the new National Children’s Hospital would be open while 64% believed that the cloning of organs would be possible.

“Both of these events in themselves point to a society which will be pioneering in health and looking to the needs of our citizens, however, on the far end of the scale just above the 10% of people who believe there will be people living on the moon are the 11% who state it is likely there will be no waiting lists in Irish hospitals with an overwhelming majority of 84% believing that this will not be resolved in the next 20 years,” Mooney says.

According to the research, opinion is divided on a number of issues.  In the political sphere there are split opinions on the UK rejoining the EU with 45% saying that it is likely while 43%  say it is unlikely. On the issue of a united Ireland, 43% say that it is likely in the next 20 years while 47% say it is unlikely. A similar proportion- 45%- say that it is likely that we will witness World War III within this timeframe.

1 in 5 believe we will have managed to turn the tide on global warming, while twice that, 40% believe Ireland will be a holiday hotspot as a result.

Finally, almost half say it is likely that Mayo will break the curse and win an all-Ireland title by 2043, this rises to 59% when we remove the don’t knows and is highest among 25–34-year-olds.

“If the last 20 years have taught us anything it is that no one knows for sure what will happen in the next 20 years however, we at RED C will continue to focus our attention on helping brands grow, bringing thought leadership in research and clarity to our clients.  It is with a great sense of pride that we would like to thank our staff and clients for your trust and partnership and look forward with excitement to working with all our partners into the next 20 years,” concludes Mooney.

Richard Colwell and Sinead Mooney, established RED C Research in 2003
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