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The Brill Building Reimagines Repak’s Recycling Future

The Brill Building has launched a new campaign for Repak called “Re-imagine.”

It is first piece of work from The Brill Building after recently winning the creative account for Repak.

The campaign aims to motivate Irish people to recycle more of their plastics and recycle them correctly, while supporting the member businesses who commit to recycling their packaging to help Ireland live in a circular economy. It also seeks to encourage plastic recycling efforts by emphasizing how many products can now be made from recycled plastic.

According to Laura Sherry, head of marketing, Repak: “This campaign is a new direction for the organisation and a refresh for Team Green that puts Repak and our members at the forefront of Ireland’s environmental efforts. We are already central to Ireland’s recycling commitments but are also ready to place Repak at the heart of the conversation to make a greener world.”

CEO of Repak, Séamus Clancy commented on the launch of this year’s Team Green campaign: “We are proud to launch this year’s ‘re-imagined’ Team Green initiative,” adds Seamus Clancy, CEO of Repak.

“Since it began in 2018, over 26,000 individuals have joined Repak Team Green and because of their collective efforts, recycled plastic packaging tonnes increased by 22% or 17,472 tonnes from 2018 to 2021. We have taken significant steps to protect the environment, recycling more plastic than the current EU plastic recycling target (22.5%) but we must recycle 50% of all plastics by 2025. Along with our 3,400 Members, everyone needs to make an effort to recycle correctly and ensure the operation of a circular economy. By joining Repak Team Green, you can learn how to recycle correctly and play your part to green our world. By working with our members and helping them to recycle their packaging, Repak is committed to supporting this journey to becoming a greener Ireland for us and our future generations.”

According to Roisin Keown, CEO and ECD, The Brill Building: “Our initial research identified that recycling motivation had plateaued – not enough of us understand what impact correctly recycled plastic can have or how technology has made it possible for it to live many more useful lives. This has been validated by the research Repak have recently conducted that confirmed just 14% of people have a strong understanding of businesses sustainability efforts. Irish businesses when Repak members are doing so much behind the scenes to make a circular economy possible with Repak members signing up to serious reduce, reuse and recycling commitments and it’s important that the public understand when they recycle – and support the businesses who do – they are Team Green too.”


Client: Repak
CEO: Seamus Clancy
Marketing Director: Laura Sherry
Head of Social: Melissa Dunne
Agency: The Brill Building
ECD: Roisin Keown
Creative Director: Peter Snodden
Project Lead: Sorcha Hanratty
Design: Peter Snodden
Production: The Brill Building
Post-Production: Analog Digital
Motion: Televisor
Post Producer: Tomasz Kosinski
Director: Michal Berezowski
Sound: Scimitar Sound
Sound Engineer: Dean Jones
Original Music: Christy Leech

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