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New Bank of Ireland Campaign Shows that Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Following the recent launch of its radio, digital and social campaign for its “Big Move” campaign, Bank of Ireland has rolled out its new TV and OOH campaign featuring Baz Ashmawy and his mother Nancy.

The new campaign is targeted at customers of KBC Bank and Ulster Bank both of which are leaving the Irish market.

Created by Grey London, Oliver Ireland and produced by Antidote Films, the TV and out of home ads take a tongue in cheek approach to what is happening in the Irish banking sector and equating it to what it feels like – a break up!

Speaking at the launch of the TV campaign, Laura Lynch, CMO Bank of Ireland said,

“Our research shows customers affected are feeling abandoned and unwanted. People spend their whole lives with their bank. It’s a relationship that they think they can rely on. So when that relationship ends, it feels like what it is – A break up! We are delighted to have Baz back on screens again to help the nation navigate their way through these unchartered waters and most importantly let them know that we are open for business and we are keen as to have them!” says Laura Lynch, CMO Bank of Ireland.

The campaign will air on all TV channels and VOD until the end of July.


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