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Colum Harmon, marketing director, PML Group: Flexible Out of Home

Liveposter Showcases An Post’s new Flex Card

Flexibility is one of the core benefits of dynamically enabled OOH advertising, so what better way to promote the new Flex Credit Card from An Post money. The digital OOH campaign is being served via PML Group’s Liveposter platform across an array of relevant networks including Digipoles, Digital Bridges, Digishelters, Digipanels, Adshel Live Roadside and Retail Digital (iVision, dPods and Adshel Live Retail).

Day of week and time of day copy is being served via Liveposter throughout cycle 23, with specific copy also scheduled around a sports event in Dublin on the 12th November. The An Post activation is the latest in a long line of campaigns and brands taking advantage of Dynamic OOH’s ability to deliver a more relevant, optimised message to an increasingly sophisticated audience.

Digital OOH affords advertisers the opportunity to not only target specific moments of relevance, but also adapt creative messages dynamically to reflect time, location, weather and live data sources, such as countdowns, stock levels or price alterations.

Amid the backdrop of increased DOOH investment from both advertisers and media owners, “The Moments of Truth” research that PML Group published in this market in 2020 was designed to inform and educate the marketing industry on how dynamic DOOH maximises DOOH performance and consumer response.

Key findings from this pioneering study revealed that consumer brain response is 18% higher when viewing relevant content in DOOH campaigns, which in turn leads to a 17% increase in consumers’ spontaneous advertising recall. And, ultimately it demonstrated that dynamic digital Out of Home campaigns can deliver a 16% sales uplift. When combined, these findings give an overall campaign effectiveness uplift of +17%.

 The campaign was managed by Mediaworks and Source out of home, with creative by Javelin.

 Lucy Murray, CX & Marketing Director Retail, An Post “An Post is thrilled to have launched their lowest rate credit card with a heavy usage of DOOH. The credit card customer journey is a fully digital journey and it’s great to use media channels that match the customer experience. DOOH enables us to match our customer messaging in a timely and relevant manner. We are looking forward to seeing some great commercial results on the back of the campaign”.

Harry Counihan, Client Director, Mediaworks “We are delighted to be part of the team to launch An Post Money’s new Flex Credit Card, where we are utilising dynamic DOOH which allowed us to truly showcase the versatility of the product by matching it to an equally versatile media platform. Dynamic OOH messages will increase our campaign relevancy by allowing us to communicate the multiple benefits of An Post’s new Flex Credit Card, based on what benefit will be most appealing at different times during the day.”

Orlagh Keane, Senior Account Manager, Source OOH “The case for Dynamic application is compelling on all OOH campaigns but for showcasing the benefits of An Post’s Flex Card, the match was perfect. The flexibility of the medium reflects the product and with the variety of digital formats and environments available to advertisers now, we were able to deliver this innovative campaign at scale – a key strength for Outdoor product launches.”

October Posterwatch Latest

Bank of Ireland Mortgages, The Irish Independent, Vodafone Broadband and Fanta Halloween were among the biggest campaigns on OOH in October.  PML Group’s Posterwatch service monitors OOH activity on all panels on the island of Ireland each cycle.

Retail was the biggest spending sector for the month, led by Musgrave brands SuperValu and Centra. With Diageo the biggest advertiser for the period, Beers and Ciders was second to Retail in the category list. Fanta helped Coca Cola to third in the advertiser list with Sky and McDonald’s rounding out the big five.

Consumers embracing Everyday Experiences

Deloitte’s Global State of the Consumer Tracker regularly polls 40,000 individuals across 18 countries (including 1,000 Irish respondents), capturing a continual snapshot of worldwide consumer sentiment. The latest wave conducted on 24th September finds Irish consumers’ safety concerns continuing to decrease.

Nearly 4 in 5 adults now feel safe visiting a store, up from 52% in February while 73% are comfortable engaging in person-to-person services, up from 39% in February. With indoor dining recommencing on July 26th, 68% of respondents now feel safe visiting a restaurant.

In terms of leisure travel plans over half of us plan to stay in a hotel in the next three months while nearly a third intends to fly internationally, peaking at 41% of 18-34s.

On the Move

Apple’s routing requests mobility data Jan-Oct shows road traffic in ROI increasing this year, peaking in August (the height of holiday season when routing request are at their highest). They have consolidated at +42% of the pre-pandemic baseline with all counties reporting positive figures.

The sustained increase in mobility across all modes, is borne out by the monthly averages, with routing requests for public transport now six times while it was in January while walking requests have more than quadrupled.


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