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McCann Dublin Rolls Out New Campaign for Residential Tenancies Board

With the rental market in Ireland looming large in national debate at the moment, the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) has launched a new campaign to highlight recent changes in legislation that were introduced in July.

The new campaign, ‘Keep your house in order’ was created by McCann Dublin and explores the little mannerisms we all have when keeping our houses in order. Like having a special drawer for the passports so we don’t lose them. The idea was to link the everyday things we do with the new legislation, so when it comes to our homes, things run smoothly. The idea also underlined the importance of knowing your rights and responsibilities when entering a tenancy agreement whether you are a renter or a landlord, whilst also bringing to light the new Rent Pressure Zone calculator and recent changes in rent reviews.

Jenny Paetzold, Managing Partner, McCann Dublin said: “Rent changes are a very emotive issue in Ireland and shifting the awareness of Irish people to focus on the new RPZ calculator on the RTB website was of paramount importance to the campaign. The campaign needed to be sensitive to the subject matter, while presenting it in an engaging and easy to follow way. Once again it was great to work with the team at the RTB and we are all delighted with the results.”

Andrea Wesolowski, Communications and Information Manager at the RTB adds: “’Getting a balanced tone and message across to both tenants and landlords can sometimes prove difficult. We are a public sector body that helps resolve disputes between landlords and tenants, as well as a provider of information for both parties. This means that we are exceptionally aware that we need to communicate in a way that reaches both audiences, equally. We think this campaign really struck a nice and engaging tone for our key stakeholders. It was fantastic once again to work with the team at McCann and we are delighted with the results. It was a collaborative effort from start to finish and we look forward to working with the team again.”

The Keep Your House in Order campaign will run live across press, radio, VOD, programmatic, native, social, and digital out of home.


Client: Residential Tenancies Board
Communications & Research: Louise Galligan
Elaine Burke & Andrea Wesolowski
Agency: McCann Dublin
Managing Partner: Jenny Paetzold
Creative Partner: Bren Byrne
Senior Account Manager: James Shearer
Art Director: Aoife Flynn
Copywriter: Luke Wright
Head of Design: David Wall
Animation: oneMILE Studio
Sound Engineer: Mutiny

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