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Cautious Optimism Evident in Latest Core Consumer Mindset Report

As Ireland’s vaccine rollout continues apace, just 37% of people are concerned about Covid 19 according to the latest Consumer Mindset Report published by Core.

The findings of the research comes days after the chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan warned that the incidence of disease is increasing across all age groups with 1,818 new cases reported yesterday, August  19.

The 37% of people concerned about Covid-19 in the latest Core research compares with 71% back in January 2021 while 74% of people say the vaccination rollout is significant for the country. However, approximately, 59% of Irish people are optimistic that Ireland will overcome the Covid-19 outbreak.

With restrictions being lifted in certain areas, including many hospitality venues, the research also notes that 49% of people are happy about indoor dining returning which suggests that the majority of people are still  cautious.

“It is clear that the successful vaccine rollout amid the Covid-19 pandemic has increased a certain level of confidence among the Irish public. While people are feeling more protection from the rollout, they are also aware of trends in other European countries which they do not want to see happen here. This has encouraged Irish consumers to remain patient, be practical and continue to act cautiously while restrictions ease. This research shows that we are all aware the pandemic is not over just yet, however, if we continue to prioritise what we want to do as restrictions lift, rather than rush to do everything, we are on the best and safest track back to everyday life resuming,” says Finian Murphy, marketing director, Core.

In the latest wave of research, Core has identified four types of “re-opening mindsets” according to Murphy.

“Based on analysis of other regions that have opened sooner and on Core’s COVID-19 tracker, I believe there are four stages to people’s re-opening mindset. The first is patience, a behaviour which most Irish people have demonstrated substantially. There are few areas where people are still patient to wait upon a re-open but, for example, many people would agree we can wait a little longer for mass public gatherings,” he says.

“The second mindset is prioritising. In August, most people hold this mindset – that is prioritising what they want to do with restrictions being lifted, rather than wanting to do everything. It differs between people- particularly by life-stage- but for most, it is to see friends and family in a simple and safe way, before any other engagement,” he says.

The third mindset, he adds, is pragmatism. “Once people experience a world-protected by vaccines- they may have more confidence to engage in areas they are not prioritising, but know are practically important. This may be a meeting or an appointment which has been postponed due to restrictions,” he adds.

Finally, Murphy notes that the last mindset is pre-emptive partying.  “While there is a minority of people with this mindset, this remains to be quite rare where people compartmentalise the on-going pandemic and behave in ways that ignore public health,” he says.

To view a copy of the latest Core research, click HERE


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