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Thinkhouse’s Pizza Pockets Campaign Tops TikTok’s Performance Charts

With advertising on TikTok now gaining considerable traction, a campaign created by the Dublin-based agency Thinkhouse has topped the business performance charts, as part of the platform’s Top Ads section, which was reported by TikTok this week.

The campaign was for Goodfella’s PIZZA POCKETS and was developed by Thinkhouse to launch the product to and raise awareness among a youth audience.

The campaign gained massive organic reach as influencers posted their Pizza Pockets themed content through their own profiles exceeding all pre-determined KPIs. The creative had a second life as paid assets, with the sponsored content landing the brand in the best-in-class category on TikTok adverts. Goodfella’s is just one out of 11 brands in Ireland to feature on this. Of the 11 branded content pieces, the creative was ranked number 1 in terms of 6 sec video view rate in the last 30 days.

In addition, the campaign has amounted 672,000 TikTok views and has delivered +112% increase on campaign KPIs.

According to Brian Farnan, Goodfella’s brand manager, Birds Eye: “We hadn’t played in the TikTok space previously, so this campaign was an exciting way to show up and test out the platform. The creators and their audiences helped evolve our approach to this campaign to embrace the raw, authentic creativity of the platform. To be featured amongst the best ads in the country on TikTok is a massive win for us and is particularly enjoyable given how much fun we had with this campaign.”

Dave Byrne, Head of Creative, Thinkhouse adds; “We knew we needed to be laser focused on our audience and show up authentically where they are hanging out; TikTok. For this TikTok only campaign, we kept the creative brief to our selected TikTokkers open, allowing them freedom to create engaging, fun and humorous content that best suited their own channel – with a key focus on delivering the strategic brand messages.”


@shaunadavitt123I’d turn into a Goodfella’s #PizzaPocket if I could 😍 Find them in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket #LateNightSnack (AD)♬ original sound – Shauna Davitt

@gardinerbrothersGoodfellas #PizzaPockets have us dreamin’ 😍 🍕 Pick them up at your local supermarket in the freezer aisle! #dance #ad♬ original sound – gardinerbrothers

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