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New Levels of Optimism Evident in Core Research

With the nationwide vaccine roll-out well underway and chunks of the economy now open for business, a renewed level of optimism is now evident throughout much of society according to the latest Core Research Consumer Mindset.

According to the research 73% of people are happy about the roll-out of vaccines while 75% say the feel happy about the re-opening of the country.

This research also reveals that while the public remains cautious, there is great hope for the summer months ahead. When asked about spending patterns, the majority of the population plan to spend the same or more on travel, restaurants and clothing/footwear.

While this illustrates that people are looking forward to experiences and socialising away from their home, online shopping trends look set to continue with 39% saying they will continue to buy clothing/footwear online while 37% would prefer to purchase electronics online. Another 27% say they would choose to buy furniture through digital channels.

Having saved more during the pandemic, many will be conscious of spending, with 53% saying they plan to save the same amount that they have during the pandemic and specifically 39% of young adults say they plan to save more in the future.

According to Core’s director of commerce, Louise Mulvey: “Consumers have embraced many new online behaviours during the pandemic, and these habits will be a challenge to change again. Instead of moving away from online marketing, it will be critical that retailers and brands connect their offline marketing with their online offering, ensuring there is a consistent consumer journey whether people interact with you in the real or digital world.”

When it came to questions about personal priorities other than vaccinations, 43% of all adults say they intend to stay healthy and active; 33% of families with young children plan to spend more time with them; and 14% of parents with teenagers say their number one focus is the mental well-being of their family.

When asked what Ireland should focus on; those under the age of 40 say “building affordable housing,” should be a priority while those aged between 40-60 said “improving our health system.”  Respondents over the age of 60  said “getting people back to work” should be a priority.

“As the research reveals it will be important to understand the variety of needs people will have as we recover from this pandemic. There are generational differences that organisations and brands will need to acknowledge and respond to, but it is wonderful to see the hope shining through across much of the Irish population,” says Naomi Staff, managing director of Core Research.

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