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Boys+Girls Mask Up for New Social Campaign

With mask-wearing in public settings set to become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, at least for the foreseeable future, Boys+Girls has launched an eye-catching campaign called “Dress to Impress” for the Good Mask Co, a PPE manufacturer that specialises in KN95 masks.

The social campaign features three naked models wearing absolutely nothing but their KN95 mask.

“In a global pandemic there is only one item of clothing that is truly important – your mask,” says Chris Clarkin, creative director, Boys+Girls. “But with a growing anti-mask sentiment and protests against the restrictions we needed to cut through the spread of misinformation to draw attention to the fact that wearing a mask is the simplest act anyone can do to protect themselves and others. So, we shot a campaign to do just that.”

These thought-provoking yet tasteful images were shot by 2017 Photographer of the Year, Alex Telfer. Observing social distancing protocols, Telfer worked closely with each model, to capture both their vulnerability and their inner power. These models are not professional but everyday men and women who, like most of us, are worried about how Covid-19 might affect them.

According to Mark Duckenfield, CEO, The Good Mask Co: “We’re on a mission to do good by getting quality PPE to anyone who needs it at an affordable price. We’ve been appalled at the level of misinformation circulating about mask wearing, so we challenged Boys+Girls to create something that would stop people in their tracks and made them think, not just about themselves but about the most vulnerable in our society.”
Client: The Good Mask Co.
The Good Mask Co. is a PPE manufacturer and distributor specializing in KN95 Masks.


Agency: Boys+Girls
Pat Stephenson, Chief Relationship Officer, Boys +Girls
Rory Hamilton, Chief Creative Officer, Boys +Girls
Kris Clarkin, Creative Director, Boys +Girls
Laurence O’Byrne, Creative Director, Boys +Girls
Copy: Nigel Roberts
Art Direction: Paul Belford
Shane Casey, Head of Digital, Boys +Girls
Hannah Heweston, Account Manager, Boys +Girls
Maxi McDonnell, Designer, Boys +Girls
Photographer, Alex Telfer
Retoucher, Jon Lloyd

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