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New Research Sheds a Light on the Effectiveness of Bus Advertising

New research carried out by Exterion Media demonstrates the effectiveness of bus advertising in generating significant responses from consumers.  Called “Thinking Outside the Bus”, the research is a collaboration between Exterion Media Ireland and Exterion Media Northern Ireland.

The research examined the link between the offline and online world to establish the continuing effectiveness of T-Sides, SuperSides and Sightlines (Lower Rears) on buses.

In October 2020, the companies ran a series of Rebus puzzles across Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann and Translink Bus.  A mobile-enabled Thinking Outside the Bus website became the end destination of the campaign, measuring site traffic and profiling audience visitors.

The campaign established that bus advertising was effective in delivering national, local, and hyperlocal audiences.  Just over 91% of responses were received from mobile devices, proving the much talked about perfect marriage between mobile and Out-of-Home. According to Exterion, patterns of response mirrored likely normal coverage levels across the cycle and reflected the daily journeys and missions of audiences.  The campaign was further supported by a WorkShopPlay survey which rated the campaign highly in curiosity and creative content.

According to  Antoinette O’Callaghan marketing manager, Exterion Media Ireland: “We are delighted with the results from this unique initiative which demonstrates the continuing ability of bus advertising formats to drive action.  The report delivers valuable insights for our Advertising clients and demonstrates effective audience engagement.”

Ryan Hoy, marketing manager Exterion Media Northern Ireland adds Thinking Outside the Bus gives a valuable insight into the impact of bus advertising.  The results demonstrate that travel restrictions haven’t diminished the reach of bus nor it’s ability to connect with consumers.


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