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Gary Brown Steps Down from Folk Wunderman Thompson

Gary Brown, one of the advertising industry’s most influential figures over the last 30 years has stepped down as a director of Folk Wunderman Thompson Brown, an internationally-acclaimed mentor and public speaker,  set up Target Marketing in 1990 and the agency went on to win numerous awards down through the years, including An Post Agency of the Year, four years in a row.

When it was sold to Jim Donnelly’s  CCG Creative Group, it was renamed RMG Target which later merged with McConnells to become Target McConnells.  In 2017,  Target McConnells merged with DDFH&B to become JWT Folk which has since changed its name to Folk Wunderman Thompson. Up until recently, Brown was executive chairman of the agency but relinquished that position to become a director of the agency and to focus on other projects.

An accomplished playwright, he has produced two plays to date and is understood to be working on a third which will be staged when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

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