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Thinkhouse Documentary Celebrates Irish Clubbing Culture and Stresses its Importance

Thinkhouse has launched a new mini-documentary that highlights the importance of clubbing in the social fabric of society. Called ‘Clubbing is Culture’ the documentary is a collaborative project between Thinkhouse, No More Hotels and Algorithm.

The documentary features the voices of five prominent cultural commentators and creators against a backdrop of light projections on some of the most iconic former clubbing venues in Dublin. These include Hazel Chu, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Philly McMahon, ThisIsPopBaby; Mona Lxsa, founder of Gxrl Code; Una Mullally, writer & co-presenter of United Ireland and John Mangru, designer and clubber.

“If clubbing continues to be excluded from the traditional definition of culture in people’s minds, we’ll see the eradication of a culture that has persevered through some of humanity’s hardest times, has helped people survive and thrive and has been the catalyst for some of fashion, art, theatre and music’s most iconic moments.  For this mini doc the collaborators brought together thinkers and makers who are immersed in club culture to talk about what clubbing means to them, including Lord Mayor Hazel Chu who is part of the recently formed Night Time Economy Task Force. The project celebrates the fact that clubbing brings people together, it provides growth, art and identity – as well as a rich economy. It celebrates how clubbing enables us to communicate, create and connect in unique and magical ways,” says Thinkhouse.

The documentary was directed and edited by Thinkhouse’s  film production team members Matt Mantalvanos and David Balfe and features photographic and film footage projected onto some of Dublin’s club venue carcasses by Algorithm on Culture Night. It was produced by Dave Byrne of Thinkhouse and Andrea Horan, No More Hotels.


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