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Huawei Launches Ireland’s Biggest TikTok Campaign for P Smart Phone

With Tik Tok now offering an attractive alternative for Irish advertisers, Huawei Ireland has launched a new campaign to promote the Huawei P Smart 2021 phone on the platform.

Created by Connector by Granite with collaboration from Aiken PR, the Andrea Roche Agency and Seahorse Media, the new campaign enlisted TikTok super star Tadhg Fleming and his father Derry to be at the stars of this campaign. The Flemings shot into stardom during the first lockdown gaining over 2m followers in the process, achieving global recognition including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Research by Huawei Ireland shows that Irish people spent upwards of nine hours a day on their smartphones during the first lockdown of 2020 with as much as 47% of this on social media, specifically TikTok.

The latest campaign is set to deliver over 10m impressions and takes an integrated approach mixing public relations, social, influencer marketing, TV, digital advertising and a bespoke TikTok challenge produced by the influencer.

According to Zena Ross, one of Ireland’s top influencer marketing specialists and head of marketing & PR, Huawei Ireland:  ”The Huawei PSmart 2021 budget-priced priced phone market-leading leading battery life and an incredible quad-camera camera for just €169, ideal for cash strapped millennials impacted by Covid-19 this Christmas. Tadhg is the perfect face of this campaign embracing the fun, positivity and enthusiasm that Huawei Psmart 2021 brings.”

Ivan Adriel, creative strategy director, Connector by Granite adds: “For us, this was the perfect pairing, Huawei continues to disrupt, innovate and redefine what is possible for phone technologies while delivering messages with Tadhg via Tik Tok perfectly captures the current zeitgeist in an impactful, resonating and authentic manner.”


Client: Huawei
Agencies:  Connector by Granite
Aiken PR
Andrea Roche Agency
Seahorse Media


Zena Ross, Head of Marketing & PR , Huawei Ireland
Kaichen Tian, Marketing Operations, Huawei Ireland
Ivan Adriel, Creative Strategy Director, Connector by Granite
Vaughan Moore, Head of Social, Connector by Granite
Mei Ling Tong, Account Director, Connector by Granite
Lyn Sheridan, Account Director, Aiken PR
Susan Jackson, Account Manager, Aiken PR
Paula McKay, Account Executive, Aiken PR
Debbie O’Donnell, CEO, Seahorse Media
Andrea Roche, CEO, Andrea Roche

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