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Verve Strengthens ‘Brand in Culture’ Offering with Showrunner

Verve has launched Showrunner, a new creative entertainment and culture hub within the agency. The new hub will write, make and create a range of both branded and original work for clients with a view to entertaining audiences.

Their first piece was Rare Owl Times, a short animated series about a bunch of Dublin based animated owls, which was created to send a message to shop locally during these tough times. The show was originally made for YouTube, but has been picked up by RTE Player, and will be available to watch there later this month.

This shift towards entertainment lead content is a timely and obvious one for Verve, according to Sam Moorehead (Creative Partner, Showrunner).  “It’s so important to create engaging work that people actually want to consume. It’s too easy to skip ads or bypass them entirely. Brands need to make creative work that people want to seek out and enjoy. Especially right now, people have a little more time to consume things, and there’s less projects being made. So they’ll thank brands for producing good, original and entertaining content. It’s an exciting space to be in,” he says.



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