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50% of Consumers Looking Forward to Dining Out According to B&A Research

As lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted, the spectre of a second wave of the Coronavirus hovers menacingly over the nation and people openly debate the pros and cons of heading to their local pub or restaurant at the end of the month, new research from B&A sheds some light on consumers attitudes towards some of the many social activities that have been restricted since mid-March.

The B&A survey – which included the opinions of 2,833 adults – shows that 50% of them are looking forward to eating a meal in a restaurant while 34% are looking forward to having a drink in their local pub. Surprisingly, 36% are looking forward to visiting a shopping centre while 45% are looking forward to sitting in a café with a friend.

When it comes to the timeline of when people will feel safe enough to return to these activities, their views differ greatly. The research shows that men are more comfortable returning to these activities than women and just 37% of women feel comfortable enough to return to a restaurant by June 29th.This compares to 47% of men.

Not surprisingly, Generation Z is  more comfortable returning to these activities than older people.”The youngest generation interviewed (aged 16-23) over-index on feeling safe enough to return to most activities by the 29th June. Particularly so in relation to having drinks in a pub/bar (33% vs. 25% of all adults) and visiting the gym (27% vs. 19% of all adults),” notes the B&A survey.

In addition, more feel safer returning to cafés and restaurants by the 29th June than do returning to pubs. While 42% would feel comfortable visiting a restaurant by this date, only 25% would feel safe enough to visit a pub. In fact, the research shows that 22% would not feel safe enough to return to a pub for drinks until at least November. This poses a serious challenge for publicans who will need to reassure their customers that it is safe to come back.

The B&A research is the first in a series of monthly reports that will measure consumer attitudes to Ireland’s reopening with another one due in July.

For more information on B&A go to www.banda.ie


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