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Irish Examiner to Promote Sustainability in Week-long Cross Platform Series

The Irish Examiner is promoting sustainability efforts throughout Irish society with a series of reports and features in print and online next week, running from Monday 18th May right through to Saturday 23rd.

The series starts on Monday when it talks to creative artists and businesses focused on environmentally friendly practices and concludes on Saturday, May 23, with a Biodiversity in the Garden booklet & immersive read, produced with the National Biodiversity Centre, which is partnering with the Irish Examiner for the series.

“This is the second successive year that the Irish Examiner has dedicated a week of content to covering the nation’s sustainability efforts,” says Joe Dermody, editor, Content Studio, Irish Examiner.

Irish Examiner Sets Up New Content Studio
Pictured:Joe Dermody, Editor, Content Studio, Irish Examiner

“In the midst of Covid-19, it is vital we don’t lose focus on the climate emergency threatening our planet and we hope our coverage will start a conversation across the country. Everyone can play their part in living sustainably. Topics like sustainability and biodiversity are central to how societies can help create a better future for the generations that follow. Of course, opinions on best practice will always differ. We are offering a platform to people who have consciously built a vision for the future into how they live their lives today,” he says.

“At the Irish Examiner we care about the environment. As part of our company’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint, one of the initiatives we have taken is moving towards paperless billing and have asked our customers to take this environmental step with us. Paperless billing is just one way to protect the environment, but this small change can have an enormous impact,” he adds.


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