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    #MyHeroes Campaign Celebrates Frontline Workers

    A nationwide campaign was launched today to pay tribute to workers on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic and to highlight their continued hard work and dedication. The #MyHeroes campaign encourages members of the public to show their appreciation to all the essential workers who are keeping the country running during this difficult time, and to share a story or message about them online using the campaign hashtag.

    The #MyHeroes campaign aims to give back; to boost morale by letting essential workers know that the nation thanks them and stands with them. User generated content, which will be gathered via the specific call-to-action hashtag, will be displayed on digital advertising screens across Ireland.

    Members of the public can put forward a message about any frontline worker in their life, from Healthcare workers, Armed Forces, Fire Brigade, Community Workers and Carers, to Supermarket Workers and Journalists. The campaign also underlines the government’s ‘Stay at Home’ message, by encouraging people to reach out to loved ones online.

    When a tweet has been selected to feature in the campaign, an illustration of the digital screen, and how the message has appeared, will then be replied to the person so they can share their support further through social media, and – most importantly – show their hero their appreciation.

    At a time when many are looking to praise the selfless people in their lives, the #MyHeroes campaign gives the opportunity to use the public nature of Out of Home (OOH) to support those local heroes making a difference.

    The campaign will run on more than 200 screens across the country, with the advertising space being provided free of charge by Orbscreen, Adtower, MJ Flood Digital/Promogroup, Micromedia, Clear Channel and Wide Eye Media. Agencies Kinetic and DOOH.com are encouraging others to get onboard to support the campaign, and to amplify the messages of gratitude for essential workers.

    Caroline DeCourcy, Insights Director at Kinetic said: “In times of uncertainty, it is important to promote positive news. Frontline workers across all essential industries are working in high pressure situations and we want to show our gratitude to our everyday heroes during this difficult time. The campaign delivers targeted social media content to frontline workers around the country, using our in-house system D:FOUR, which gives social media users a localized platform to share their message of thanks. I would also like to extend a special thanks to all the media owners who donated space for this special display of appreciation.”

    Andrew Phipps-Newman, CEO of DOOH.com said: “When the Essential workers across the Ireland are on their way to and from work, and when the general public are travelling on their essential journeys, we dearly want everyone to see and experience the support for those in our lives who are having to carry on in the toughest of circumstances so that we can stay home, and we can all be safe. This is, in its entirety, literally and figuratively a social media campaign for the people, created with love, collaboratively from some of the global leaders in OOH. It is our responsibility as an industry to give a platform for our heroes. This campaign, and our time, is being contributed by DOOH.com to the out of home industry; turning outdoor media into a community service channel.”


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