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Agency teaches people to make their own 20 Second Soap to educate them on clean hands

Last week, Dublin creative agency Verve invented the first soap that lasts for exactly 20 seconds; the time it takes to get hands fully clean. With an overwhelming response online, hundreds of tiny soaps were sent to homes across the island of Ireland and beyond in an effort to share the message of hand hygiene.

Today, Verve have taken the campaign to the next level by sharing a handy ‘how to’ guide on how to create your very own 20 Second Soap. All you need is a bar of soap and a knife to carve your own 15mm x 15mm soaps. Not only is this an activity that the whole family can do, it’s a great way to educate kids on the importance of hand washing.

The creative idea by Verve was to help combat the spread of the Covid – 19 pandemic and share the message of hand hygiene with the main goal of this campaign always being to raise awareness about the importance of clean hands.

The limited edition 20 Second Soaps were given away for free as a way to educate people about the twenty second guideline.

The tiny soaps are proof that little things can make a big difference and that creativity can do its bit, even when times are dark. Now, Verve are passing the torch to the Irish public to keep the message going.

Find out how to make your 20 Second Soap online https://verve.ie/20-second-soap/

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