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Belfast Live Campaign to be Rolled Out in Dublin and Cork

The Reach-owned website Belfast Live has rolled out a campaign called #InThisTogether which aims at reassuring its readers that the website is there to support them at a time of crisis.

The same initiative is due to launch on Cork Beo and Dublin Live, which are part of Reach.

“Now, more than ever, news brands can be a powerful force for good in helping small businesses through the difficult times ahead. Following Government advice across the board, many businesses have had to change how they do business, a lot have had to temporarily close their doors. Through the campaign, Belfast Live will stand up for businesses that need support by informing readers, in the same responsible manner that it shares important news with them daily, how they can still support their local businesses as the city battles to survive the coronavirus crisis,” says Nathan Hanna, deputy editor of Belfast Live.

“In these tough times we find ourselves in, we have a duty to keep our readers informed with the good and the bad and where there’s an opportunity to share some positive stories that shine through the darkness of this pandemic, we will do it,” he adds.

“The vast majority of our small businesses are understandably concerned about the coming weeks and months ahead so #InThisTogether will shed a light on as many local businesses that have no other choice but to change how they do business.

We’ve already reported on how to exercise at home and support local NI gyms at the same time, how to help local NI charities or contact them if you’re in need and the companies across NI that are recruiting with immediate starts. But we can do more. We want to hear from businesses that are doing things differently to try and keep the business going – whether it’s changing to e-commerce solutions or delivery services or sharing content online and socially to help people get through their day,” he concludes.


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