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    Homestore + More – What Matters Most

    Banjoman teamed up with the Homestore + More team to launch their new brand platform ‘A Happy Home’ through this new film. The cinema / TV ad shows a day in the life of an Irish family which through titles, poses the question to the viewer “what matters most?”.

    This brand film observes a day in the life of a typical Irish family. We open on an early morning wake up for the sleepy son, observe a busy family breakfast scene, before moving through the day with the family. The scenes move seamlessly through transitions, flowing through the lives of this family. Be it through baking, playing with the dog, cooking or relaxing on the couch, this TVC paints a picture of an imperfect family, but of a happy one. The scenes themselves are supered upon with titles that pose the question “What Matters Most?”, while offering a series of answers to the question. This film launches the brand platform ‘A Happy Home’ for Homestore + More


    Client: Homestore + More
    Production Company: Banjoman
    Media: Core Media
    Marketing Director: Matthias Wenk
    Post Production: Element Post / Avondale Studios


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