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Ad of the Week in Association with AdSmart from Sky: Core Launches New Campaign for Irish League of Credit Unions

The Irish League of Credit Unions has launched a new campaign called “Imagine More.” The campaign focuses on letting loan seekers know that credit unions are not just for small, short term loans but that they can also provide bigger and longer-term loans.

The two-year campaign will be rolled out in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland at both a national and local level.

In the TV ad, viewers are introduced to the Credit Union ‘monsters’ named Finn, Brid, and Tiny who would demonstrate the Credit Union’s monster sized loans.

According to Paul Bailey, head of communications at The Irish League of Credit Unions: “From the outset, the team instinctively grasped what we were trying to achieve, understood our vision and delivered a compelling brand proposition. Core has delivered a new, fun and fresh perspective and has brought the Credit Union to life with bespoke animations which we believe will give us the cut through we require in a crowded and competitive marketplace. We look forward to seeing the results.”


Paul Bailey, Head of Communications
Sinéad Butler, ROI Marketing
Kieran Mc Donnell, ROI Marketing
Kate Lawlor, ROI Marketing
Marianne Cushley, NI Marketing

Liam Wielopolski, Executive Creative Director
Fiona McGarry, Head of Production
Jay Reid, Strategy Director
Laura Fitzgerald, Copywriter
Darragh Julian, Art Director
Michael Garner, Creative Director
Jenny Dillon, Client Manager
Mark McLoughlin, Project Manager
Alan Barnewell, Client Lead
Orlaith Wallace, Senior Client Manager, Zenith
Laura Boscolo Todaro, Client Manager, Zenith

Production Company: Piranha Bar, Richard Chaney
Music composer : Ivan Fitzpatrick
Sound : Raygun, Dean Jones


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