Home News Boys + Girls Launches New Entertainment Focused Proposition for Clients

Boys + Girls Launches New Entertainment Focused Proposition for Clients

Boys + Girls Launches New Entertainment Focused Proposition for Clients
Pictured: Patrick Meade, Managing Partner @Boys + Girls

The Dublin-based agency Boys + Girls has launched a new proposition that aims to put entertainment at the core of its advertising and brand building work for clients.

“Ten years since first opening our doors and now, as Ireland’s biggest, independently owned agency with 55 staff, a €10 million turnover and a blue-chip client list of major national and international brands, we set ourselves a challenge. Namely, What’s Next? As an agency, where will our next ten years of growth and expansion come from and how can we help clients build real and sustainable brand value that’s also engaging and commercially rewarding for them?” says Patrick Meade, managing partner of Boys + Girls.

He says the agency is now moving ahead with a new multi-platform entertainment approach to advertising which will help brands to “push boundaries and create ground-breaking work that gets noticed,” adding that the agency’s new mantra is Entertain or Die!

“Being relevant is a priority for most brands. But to do that as we approach a new decade and beyond, they need to re-imagine their approach. That’s the essence of what Boys + Girls is offering – the capacity and capability to create work than might not even be recognisable as advertising in its regular form but which is eye-catching, engaging, experiential and brand-building,” he says.

According to Rory Hamilton, Boys + Girls partner and executive creative director adds: “The shift in how brands are thinking beyond the traditional parameters of advertising has already begun. Smart businesses recognise the power of creativity to have a measurable effect on their results. The more entertaining the work is the more it is remembered and the less money you have to spend forcing it down people’s throats. They understand The Smuggle. My information in exchange for your attention. It sounds simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

“As humans, we’re a combination of the rational (left brain) and emotional (right brain). In between lies a space where a creative spark captures our imagination and engages us. Our job is to find that most pertinent rational benefit and smuggle it within entertaining work that consumers actively want to engage with. This is a serious business. It’s not for the faint hearted and only the entertaining work will succeed,” says Patrick Meade.


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