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Packed.House Launches Ad Campaign to Support New Website

Packed.House has launched a new ad campaign ‘We Are Family’ for its newly redesigned parenting website, Family Friendly HQ. The campaign heroes’ real families and showcases the contradicting emotions that parents experience.

The ad campaign was created by the Packed.House creative team and includes a 2-minute feature film that will run in cinema via Wide Eye Media throughout November, with additional shorter assets created to live onsite and on social.

‘We Are Family’ tells the stories of 10 families from varying backgrounds and family units. Parents from each family unit reveal the humour, fear, love and vulnerability aspect of parenthood. The underlying message is that while families may differ from home to home, they all share commonalities and are more alike than they may have realised.

The campaign builds on the ‘Family Moments’ research published by Packed.House in September which found that while 99% feel that family time is important, only 36% of respondents are happy with amount of family quality time they have together.

‘We Are Family’ features blogger, actress and parental rights activist from Equality for Children, Ranae Von Meding, and the new Strategy Director for Family Friendly HQ, Tracey Quinn.


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