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    Ad of the week: Frank and Honest ASMR

    Frank and Honest Coffee is always trying to think outside the coffee cup when it comes to creating content for their audience, and with this in mind they have created ASMR videos for their fans to enjoy.

    ASMR (Autonomy Sensory Meridian Response) is one of the biggest online trends at the moment. The videos trigger a sense of joy, relaxation and a tingling sensation for those who watch them. There are hundreds of thousands of ASMR videos on YouTube with ASMR creators (ASMRtists) racking up millions of subscribers. The trend is so big it has been featured in TIME magazine and CNN.

    Bearing this in mind, Youth marketing agency, Thinkhouse, developed a tingle-tastic campaign with Frank and Honest, ‘Frank and Honest ASMR’. The lead video amplifies the quality credentials of Frank and Honest’s superior quality coffee while giving the viewer a relaxing tingle at the back of their head and/or spine when they see and hear the coffee creation process.

    The campaign includes a hero ASMR video and a series of four 20 second cut downs, which will go live across digital and social channels.

    Marketing Manager Rosemary Walsh said, “ASMR content is all about dialling up sensory through visual and sounds and we want to make this content the most immersive coffee content we have ever created. Our viewer will be brought so close to the process of our coffee that they will be practically be able to taste and smell it through the screen.”


    Agency: Thinkhouse
    Client: Frank and Honest
    Title: Frank and Honest – ASMR Barista
    Client: Rosemary Walsh (Marketing Manager)
    Client Manager: Amber Wilson
    Project Manager: Laura King
    Creative Director: Dave Byrne
    Director/Editor: Matt Mantalavanos
    Camera: Johnny Culler
    Sound Recording: Camden Recording Studios
    Sound Mastering: Fergal Davis
    Post Production: Kevin Goss Ross
    Copywriter: Nora Costigan
    Graphics: Grace Enemaku
    Media Agency: Starcom

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