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TV Advertising Grew by 5% in 2018 Says TAM Ireland

Total advertising spend on TV in 2018 amounted to €247,520,977 according to research carried out by Guardian Management Accounting on behalf of TAM Ireland.

This represents a 5% increase on the figure for 2017 and compares with a 2.2% growth in total advertising revenues over the same period.

The growth in TV advertising spend, means that TV now commands 23.8% share of the total ad spend market in Ireland.

Compiled by Guardian Management Accounting on behalf of TAM Ireland, these figures include spot, sponsorship, product placement, AFP and Broadcaster VOD revenue.

TV viewership in Ireland also continues to perform well. From the most recent AV Data Solution work, produced by Nielsen for TAM Ireland, broadcaster content accounts for 84% of all AV viewing across all devices, with the vast majority of this viewing  (79%) within the consolidated TV viewing window of 7 days.

TAM Ireland data also shows that the average Irish adult is watching 3 hours and 4 minutes of TV every day with 86% of this viewing to live (as broadcast) TV and 14% of viewing  time-shifted. (Jan-Dec  2018 Avg. mins viewed).

TV remains the medium of choice for brand-building, accounting for one third of the media spend of Ireland’s top 20 advertisers, says TAM Ireland.

 “The increased advertising spend really bodes well for the TV industry and demonstrates the power, robustness and agility of this medium throughout a continuously morphing media landscape. Against a backdrop of lack of trust in non-traditional media, Television is continuing to deliver on the key pillars of transparency and scale and its proven ability to build brands through mass reach and emotional connection is widely recognised.  The future looks bright for TV in Ireland,” says Jill McGrath, CEO of TAM Ireland.

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