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Exterion Media Releases Results of Latest Work.Shop.Play Survey

Antoinette O’Callaghan, Marketing Manager – ‎Exterion Media

Exterion Media has released the results of its latest Work.Shop.Play survey. The survey, on daily consumer journeys and missions was issued to the 5,500 Irish Work.Shop.Play community in February 2019. Along with travel patterns, the study reveals the habits and thought patterns of consumers as they journey to work, shop and play.

The survey shows that 45% of Irish Urbanites are driving to work, with this figure dropping to 38% in Dublin. 30% of the Work.Shop.Play community, who live and work in Dublin are travelling to work by Dublin Bus with 22% of the Dublin community using DART or train.

The study also revealed that 45% of Work.Shop.Play Urbanites would prefer to shop for fashion items in a shopping mall, 25% prefer the high street with 24% preferring to shop online. 34% occasionally shop online during their work commute. Some 47% of respondents have seen advertising on their journey that reminded them to buy something that they needed. Top of this list was grocery products (58%) followed by Cosmetics (30% Female) and Flights/Travel (27% Male).

According to Antoinette O’Callaghan, marketing manager of Exterion Media: “This survey has allowed us to map the journeys and mundanities of everyday life in our urban centres and gives us insights into our daily priorities. We see the change in media habits during daily journeys and the results make it clear how this is impacting on the efficacy of Out-of-Home advertising.”

Top of the “Thinking on your Journey” list is food (57%), grocery products needed to buy (52% Female) and household chores (43%).  The survey also shows that 16-24 years olds thought more about their evening’s dinner than any other age group. In addition, the ‘Daily Missions and Journeys’ survey from Work.Shop.Play also revealed some of the colour behind the daily commute. For example, some 40% of women have put on make-up on public transport while 16-24 year olds were the age group most likely to keep money or other valuable items if they found on public transport (12%) but were also the most likely group to lose something on public transport (43%).  In  addition, 28% of respondents admitted they had overheard fellow passengers talking about someone they know.

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