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Backup Marketing Launches New Sampling Platform for CPG Firms

The Irish shopper marketing agency Backup Marketing has launched a new marketing platform called ‘inhand’ that uses product samples to link advertising spend with sales by adding a ‘free sample’ button to digital/social ads, allowing targeted consumers to receive a sample direct to their home.

Once a consumer requests a free sample, shipping details are securely uploaded to inhand packing and logistics terminal. Product is picked, packed and shipped to the user delivery address and a confirmation email is sent to confirm that their sample is on the way. On receipt of the product, consumers also receive a print or digital coupon to drive them to store and close the sales loop. Inhand also works in conjunction with other media formats like print ads using QR codes, OOH using NFC/text2Try and TVCs using voice technology like Alexa and Google Home.

“There is often a gap in the ‘path to purchase’ between when a message lands with a target consumer and that consumers opportunity to try or buy the product. Even when an advertising message lands successfully, this path to trial/purchase gap can result in a massive missed opportunity as the ad prompt fades in consumer minds by the time they get to a store,” says Kerry Mulvihill, Head of Retail at BACKUP Marketing.

“Inhand enables both brands and media agencies to extensively shorten this time gap and drive incremental ROI from existing media spend. Now, once a consumer views a media ad they can immediately request a free sample using the inhand platform.”

According to Mulvihill, “the wider business which, has been involved in retail activation, product promotions, experiential events and face to face marketing for over 20 years, is extremely excited and encouraged by the potential of the platform to help CPG companies grow. The fact that the first live campaign for Nestle Cheerios Breakfast Cereal Bars was fully subscribed within 72 hours has further boosted confidence in the platform which has been 24 months in development. Based on feedback from brands along with our own expertise in the area we feel that the highly targeted nature of the sampling will ensure inhand adds value and drive sales for consumer facing brands.”

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