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Insight of the Week: Engaging the Ad Blockers

The issue of ad blocking is one that divides the media industry, with seemingly everyone having a strong view. Some consider it to be a huge, almost existential threat, whilst others consider it to be a topic blown out of proportion.

Let’s take a look at those adults in the Republic of Ireland today who claim to use ad blockers and how advertisers might best engage with them.

Latest insights from Kantar Media’s TGI consumer data in Ireland reveal that 41% of adults who use the internet claim to use ad blockers (1.4 million adults). There is a significant young bias towards those who use ad blockers, but it should not be overstated. In absolute terms, 40% of 45-54 year olds claim to block ads, compared to 51% of 15-24 year olds – so whilst there is a difference, the figures are relatively robust even in the older age ranges.

Ad blocker users are particularly engaged with gaming. They are 53% more likely than the average internet user to agree ‘My favourite pastime is playing video games’, 50% more likely to agree ‘My video game characters are important to me’ and 34% more likely to agree ‘Advertising within video or computer gameplay enhances the realism of the game’.

This is also a group that likes to go out and enjoy drinking. They are 28% more likely to agree ‘Longer opening times should be allowed in pubs’ and 35% more likely to agree ‘I really enjoy drinking for long sessions’.

These ad blocking consumers are 26% more likely than the average internet user to be amongst the heaviest fifth of users of the internet, which may in part explain why they are blocking ads in the first place. They are particularly likely to be undertaking a range of other activities whilst using the internet. For example, they are 37% more likely to be listening to the radio online, 28% more likely to be reading a newspaper and 22% more likely to be texting or sending instant messages to friends and family – thus potentially exposing themselves to adverts from other media whilst blocking those online.

This is a group not afraid to spend online in comparison to other internet users. Indeed, they are 50% more likely to claim to buy something online more than once a week (8% do so). In terms of what they are buying online regularly, 26% claim to buy clothing, 20% airline tickets and 19% books.

You can find out more about consumer online engagement globally and other key digital trends through Kantar Media’s DIMENSION report: www.kantarmedia.com/dimension

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