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Wavemaker Teams With Paramount Pictures for Mission Impossible

Coach John Kavangh and Coach Owen Roddy

Wavemaker Ireland, in partnership with Paramount Pictures Ireland, created a series of videos using the influencers Coach John Kavanagh and Coach Owen Roddy to promote the release of Mission: Impossible Fallout. The content was promoted through online video platforms, social media, and through the influencers’ social channels to mark the sixth outing for Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible franchise, which first hit cinemas in 1996. The movie opened at the Irish Box Office resulting in the highest grossing opening weekend in the franchise’s history.

One of the KPIs for Wavemaker was to target a younger audience, who would have been too young when the franchise was first released, and engage them with the brand’s themes. John Kavanagh and Owen Roddy were selected as the best mediums to gain this engagement with the audience given their their popularity amongst the target audience. The video series sees the two taking on different challenges that require mental and physical endurance. Each challenge is tied back to a stunt performed in the movie.

According to Gavin Collins, Head of Content and Experience Marketing in Wavemaker Ireland: “It was great to undertake the production of this project, it was challenging given that we had to re-create some of the movie stunts and post production magic within budget. However, combining the willingness from our carefully selected influencers, creative input from our client, and a well-planned out production strategy, we were extremely pleased with the final edits.”

According to Niamh McCaul, General Manager of Paramount Pictures Ireland: “Wavemaker delivered high quality content perfectly aligned to our release strategy. The influencers they selected were a perfect fit and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”


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