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    Raising Awareness of Water Safety

    What does it feel like to drown?

    As our record summer continues, Irish Water Safety are stepping up efforts to shake people out of their complacency and deliver actionable tips and advice to reduce the number of drownings in Ireland.

    In a hard-hitting radio ad, we answer the question ‘What does it feel like to drown?’

    The ad describes the physical process of drowning. It’s not something ever discussed. More importantly, it’s something NO ONE SHOULD SUFFER.

    Outdoor and digital display support radio with a series of simple rules that should be engrained in all who enjoy our waters. The fact is that most drownings are preventable. So, it’s vital that we all make water safety a bigger part of the national conversation.

    For safety advice visit iws.ie


    Agency – Watson Creative
    Creative Direction – John Watson
    Design – Hrvoje Graf
    Client – Roger Sweeney, Irish Water Safety
    Voice – Phelim Drew
    Sound Production – Raygun
    Media – Cathal Lucas, The Media Farm
    Digital Media – Carl Buckley

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