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    Ad of the Week: ŠKODA Ireland – Never leave your dog in a hot car


    A car heats up like an oven and, in exceptional hot conditions such as those we’re experiencing now, can kill a dog in just 15 minutes. So, the advice to dog owners is simple – never leave your dog in a hot car. That’s the striking premise behind a new pet safety campaign created by award-winning creative agency, Boys + Girls (www.boysandgirls.ie) for ŠKODA Ireland.

    Boys + Girls collabrated closely with PHD Dublin to negotiate last minute contextual media space with the campaign now live across print, radio and social. The new campaign addresses one of the under-reported aspects of the intense heat – the dangers to Man’s Best Friend.

    Even if it’s 22°c outside, inside a car can reach up to 47°c within an hour so it’s easy to imagine the appalling effects on a pet even if the vehicle is parked in the shade or a window has been cracked open.

    According to Laurence O’Byrne, Creative Director at Boys + Girls; “Advertising at its best when it helps to change behaviour and that’s exactly what a campaign like this has the power to do. As a dog-loving country we’re not used to the current levels of intense heat, so we need to be aware of its impact our beloved pets and react accordingly.”


    Client: ŠKODA Ireland
    Agency: Boys + Girls
    Executive Creative Director: Rory Hamilton
    Creative Director: Laurence O’Byrne
    Art Director: Mikey Fleming
    Copywriter: Sam Moorhead
    Head of Planning: Margaret Gilsenan
    Business Director: Sarah Sherry
    Senior Account Manager: Sorcha Brady
    Account Executive: Eimear O’Sullivan
    Producer: Sarah Chadwick
    Design: Maxi McDonnell
    Finished Art: Claire O’Reilly
    Media Agency: PHD Dublin
    Photographer: Liam Murphy
    Retoucher: Alex Goodwin – Happy Finish
    Sound Engineer: Dean jones- Raygun
    V.O: Ian Lloyd Anderson