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Campaign of the Week: Dubliners, Don’t be Dick

JWT Folk, Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council, Fingal County Council and the Environmental Protection Agency, have a message for Dubliners: “Don’t be Dick”.

This attention-demanding line is part of a new campaign aimed at educatingDubliners on the environmental impact of using disposable plastic cups. The reality is that ‘disposable’ cups are not really disposable. They are not recycled here inIreland and are a huge waste generator.

According to JWT Folk Creative Director, Monika Crowley: “The main job to do with this campaign is to address the unthinking behavior of grabbing a takeaway coffee – often multiple times – during a typical working day. This isn’t a case of people willingly doing harm to the environment, it’s a lack of education on the consquences. But people hate to be preached at and tend to ignore typical public service messaging. So first, we needed to get people’s attention. Introducing “Dick” – the guy we are all guilty of being occasionally. The character Dick personifies this unthinking behavior. With this straight-talking, funny message that plays on a phrase we all use daily, we hope to jolt people into taking notice. Once we have their attention, we present them with the truth about disposable cups, that many people weren’t aware of and get them to think about some of the alternatives, including the possibility of switching to a reusable cup.’

According Fionnghuala Ryan, Executive Environmental Scientific Officer for the DCC: “Reducing the use of disposable coffee cups is a DCC priority. Over 200 million plastic cups are disposed of every year. So delivering this message in a way that ensures people understand that these cups are harmful to the environment is crucial. Dick is the guy none of us want to be, and the inherent humour in the cinema, OOH and social means that we can deliver what is a pretty serious message, in an entertaining way.”

The campaign, which includes cinema, OOH, radio and social, will run throughout
June and July.


Dublin City Council:
Fionnghuala Ryan – Executive Environmental Scientific Officer
Noel Hayes – Senior Staff Officer, Media Relations and Corporate Communications
Angela Walsh – Media Relations and Corporate Communications
Aine Cronin – Media Relations and Corporate Communications
South Dublin County Council:
Sorcha O’Brien – Environmental Awareness Officer
Fingal County Council:
Edwina Dunford – Environmental Education Officer
Environmental Protection Agency

Ness Carson – Account Director

JWT Folk:
Monika Crowley – Creative Director
Ciaran O’Suilleabhain – Creative
Veronica Dick – Creative
Michael Cullen – Production Director
Eric Brindley – Producer
Eamonn Quigley – Finished Artist
Nicola Halloran – Social Manager
Simon Killeen – Account Manager
Adam Lawlor – Account Executive
Max Carpio – Director
Burschi Wojnar – Director of Photography
John Talbot Panic Post Production – Editor
Paul Rowland – Sound mix
Karl Bowe – ‘Dick’

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