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    Otterbox – ican

    The Lowdown:

    Families use smartphones to make and capture memories so what’s on your phone is often as important as the phone itself. We wanted to show that by protecting your phone, Otterbox also protects your precious memories. We created a series of videos depicting ‘real world’ dangers interfering with those cherished family memories stored inside the phone. The campaign works in multiple markets without using any dialogue. It is currently running on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in the UK, France and Germany.


    Agency: ican
    Client: Otterbox EMEA
    Product: Mobile phone and tablet cases
    Creative Director: Ian McFarlane
    Art Director: Ian McFarlane
    Copywriter: Dan O’Doherty
    Editor/Post-Production: Torlogh O’Boyle and Pamela Hanratty
    Client Partner: Arlene Hanratty
    Connection Planner: Greta Sulcaite
    Production Partner: Nomos
    Client: Ciara O’Hanlon

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