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Guns or Knives Creates Pop-up Gallery For Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch

Guns or Knives, the Rothco-owned agency, was behind the Studio 9 concept that was used to launch the Samsung Galaxy S9 this week in a purpose built pop-up gallery on St Stephen’s Green this week.

Located at 130-133 St. Stephen’s Green and open to the public from March 22nd – 24th, the space, which has been designed as a work of art in itself, has six interactive exhibits that each showcase one of the smartphone’s features.

Guns or Knives teamed with production house Catapult, to craft the six interactive spaces that form the exhibition.

“Today people communicate by sending visual messages as much as they do via audio or text message. Having risen to popularity on sites like Snapchat and Instagram stories, video/image messaging is now more popular than ever and is the preferred means of communication for many,” says Adam Crane, the agency’s executive creative director.

“Samsung are constantly looking for ways to enable their consumers to defy their own limitations in search of new and exciting experiences. With a phone that’s better at creating content than ever before and a population creating more content than ever, there could only be one answer: give people the best place to create content.  We know that millennials seek experiences based on how ‘instagrammable’ they are, so to enter Studio9 is to experience a space in which there’s a photo opportunity around every corner,” he says.

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