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The Lowdown: 

For No Discrimination Day, The Public House worked with LGBT Ireland, the National resource for the LGBT community to create a striking print ad in order to raise awareness of Ireland’s outdated and discriminatory blood ban for Gay men.

Before 2017, men who had sex with other men were banned from donating blood. The law changed to a one year ban after having sex, hardly a step forward. What’s worse, the vast majority of the public don’t know this law has changed. A fair few don’t even know the law exists in the first place.

This campaign follows a strong creative start to the year for the Dublin based agency, having already launched their ‘Simple is Smarter’ brand launch for 123.ie along with making a lot of mischief for Paddy Power by creating  a 30 foot gold statue of Virgil van Dijk.


Agency: The Public House
Client: LGBT Ireland
Creative Director: Jarrod Banadyga
Copywriter: Jack Walsh
Art Director: Diogo Dias
Account Executive: Hannah McGovern

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